Design You Can Bank On

25 Apr

Poster design by Juanma Teixidó

I ran across this poster design by Juanma Teixidó a while perusing the web awhile back, but I still think about it from time to time when I am creating my own designs. The poster was created for (and took 1st place in) a “What is Design” contest, which is, in and of itself, quite intriguing.

The various contest entries (you can check out some more here) prove that there are multiple valid answers to the question “what is design?” Personally, I do not think that design is necessarily definable. In my experience, design takes on different meanings and purposes at different times for various reasons. When effectively accomplished it can adaptable and break the boundaries of any previous design “definition.”

While the way we think about design is ever-changing, I find it even more fascinating that the most successful and memorable designs over time all seem to share some basic commonalities.

Many of these commonalities are also present in Teixidó’s winning poster design:

1.) An original, yet simplistic, concept.
This can often be very difficult to achieve, but is something that most great designers strive for. The most ingenious ideas are usually ones that are right in front of our eyes, yet we normally fail to see them.

Teixidó simply creates a pattern by overlaying lines of color, yet this is brilliant! The colors ultimately create a wonderful texture that gives the appearance of weaved fabric. The image is perfectly integrated with his definition of design, showing that the image created by the colored lines is much more meaningful than colored lines themselves.

2.) Alignment
Alignment can be used to make a piece look structured and orderly, but often good when pieces look random or innovative, alignment is still at play.

In Teixidó’s piece we see alignment of the words with the image, as well as alignment between the various lines and patches in the image.

3.) Color
Never underestimate the strength of a pleasing color palette! Teixidó combines complimentary colors with contrasting ones that pop off the page to draw attention.

4.) Gestalt
Teixidó concept center’s around the idea of gestalt, which is the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Gestalt is essentially the look and feel of a design, the way is fits together, and the ambiance created. The gestalt of Teixidó’s piece is what makes it most successful, however, the other features mentioned all add to the gestalt of the poster.

This is great work! To see more design by Juanma Teixidó check out his blog and portfolio here.


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