Make Your Designs Juicy By Stimulating Multiple Senses

26 Apr
Juice Box design by Naoto Fukasawa

Industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa of Japan designed these fantastic juice boxes to mimic the look and texture of real fruit skin. Who said design couldn’t stimulate all of your senses? Juice boxes were never this much fun when I was a kid (though I would definitely still drink these today)!

As a designer it is easy to focus solely on the visual aspects of your designs. Do you ever consider adding texture, scent, taste, or sound to enhance your work? Perhaps a textured poster that people could touch, scented packages, envelopes, or brochures, an audible video instead of an informational packet, or flavored….stamps?

The trick to effectively adding this additional stimulation is to ensure that it meshes well with the purpose of your piece and/or your product. Using these types of sense stimulation when it seems unrelated to your message or simply frivolous can, conversely, detract from your design.

I hereby issue a challenge to find and interesting and successful way use texture, scent, taste, or sound in a design to increase the effectiveness of your message or purpose.


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