Buy My Product, Use My Product…..Buy It Again

7 May

Package Design by Jakob Poulsen and Robert Nagy

When tasked with creating an appealing package for 3 condoms, Jakob Poulsen and Robert Nagy produced the playful design shown above. Of their design, Nagy writes, “The package is constructed so it opens from the right to the left, revealing a simple humoristic statement as each condom is taken out (and hopefully used!). The statement simply connects ‘condoms’ with ‘having sex’ and ‘no more condoms’ meaning ‘no more sex.’ The message should come across in eye level with the target group without being patronizing or judgmental. Sex is fun, yet serious.” It is often hard to make a serious topic trendy (how often to PSA’s truly seem socially and culturally current?), but Poulsen and Nagy pass with flying colors.

Poulsen and Nagy’s design and message is culturally relevant and promotes responsible behavior by engaging and interacting with consumers rather than wagging a finger or preaching. The package design appears colorful, positive, and playful from the start to attract consumers and seal purchases. As consumers begin to use the product, they begin to receive a message that is increasingly more positive each time a condom is used to reinforce positive sentiments with and an attachment to the product. When the last condom is used, the message turns into ‘no more sex,’ or more importantly to marketers, ‘go buy more.’

While their original purpose may have been to sell a product rather than to pass on a message regarding personal and/or social responsibility, they were able to accomplish the later by tapping to into the psychology of first. Buy understanding what is driving their target audience to buy the product, they are able to clearly reinforce the idea of “buy more” without being overbearing. By masking the “buy more” message in a statement that ties increased consumption to social good, Poulsen and Nagy have found a win/win approach to marketing any product.


One Response to “Buy My Product, Use My Product…..Buy It Again”

  1. cookdrinkfeast May 12, 2011 at 6:38 am #

    I love the progression of the message:

    Sex (yes)
    More Sex (yes please)
    No More Sex (phooey!)

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