You Put That Where?

8 Jun


I have always been intrigued by advertisements and ad campaigns, but recently I have been paying a lot more attention to their placement. Where an ad is displayed is just as important as the ad’s content and design. People are so accustomed to seeing advertisements these days, that they are not generally as memorable as they could be, if people even take the time to stop and notice them at all (it is painful, but I must come to realize that not everyone is an ad junkie like myself).

Often times the ads that I find most memorable are the ones I see in unexpected places. When an ad is well integrated with its surroundings, not only does it seem less invasive to an increasingly skeptical audience, but it becomes a part of people’s environment and experiences, rather than cluttering them. I found this great collection of examples a few years back and I have still have not forgotten them, so that in and of itself speaks volumes. I could only wish to stumble upon such great add placement in my daily travelings. You can see the full collection here.


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