Are You Your Best Critic?

9 Jun

Like many designers, I can be pretty tough on myself and am always doing self-revision and critique. It is important, however, not to get caught up in the idea that you are your own best critic. If you find yourself questioning whether you might be, ask yourself this: am I the target audience? In the majority of instances, the answer is no.

While it is easy to design work that would appeal to you, most often as a designer, you are creating work to appeal to a targeted group of people to which you do not belong. So who is your toughest critic (or most important for that matter)? They are. People often toss around the saying, “you cannot design in a bubble,” and it is true.

When designing for a target audience that does not include you, not only is it important to make an effort to understand the audience, but why not get their opinion. Take every opportunity to get feedback on your work, particularly when it is coming from someone who fits your audience.


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