Fun Seasonal Typography

14 Jun

Piggy backing off of yesterday’s post, there was one more portion of the June issue of InStyle Magazine that caught my eye and struck me as worth sharing. The cover spread of this month’s feature article is displayed below. 

The subject of the spread is country music singer Taylor Swift. What I find interesting and sharable about the spread is the playful, yet sophisticated use of typography in the articles title. The designer of this spread has recreated flowers from the pattern on the singer’s dress, and uses them in place of the o’s in the word bloom.

I think that this is a brilliant choice as it not only ties the two pages of the cover spread together, but also creates a unity between the text and image on the page, both visually and conceptually. Additionally, reusing the flowers in the type draws greater attention to the dress itself, which is fitting being that InStyle is, after all, a fashion magazine.

Lastly, bringing the vibrant blue and orange colors up into the black type really helps the colors to pop off the page and accentuate the header copy. The playfulness of the typography is even carried through to the placement of the articles credits. The overall layout of this page is captivating and uplifting.


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