Weekly Ad-Ventures: Bloomberg Businessweek Edition

20 Jun

Inspired by a former professor and fellow blogger, Max Boam who authors the blog type eh?, I picked up a copy of Bloomberg Businessweek for the first time. Earlier in the week, Max wrote a post entitled Financial Article Takes a Typographical Approach, about the creative and innovative use of typography in a spread featured in last week’s edition of the magazine.


I thought that the spread was so unique and eye-catching that I had to go pick up a copy of the magazine for my collection. While I could find any straggling copies of last week’s issue, I decided to pick up this week’s edition in hopes of finding something just as special. As always, I first scoured the magazine for ads, and though ads are fairly sparse throughout the magazine, I managed to find two worth sharing:

Gujarat Tourism Ad; NOTABLE FEATURE: This does not look or feel like an ad, put rather part of an editorial. Therefore, skeptical readers are more likely to stop and consume the content.

Arthritis Foundation Ad; NOTABLE FEATURE: There is a creative concept here that has been fully developed through the use of a striking image.


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