A New Generation of Barcodes

24 Jun

What is the new trend in package design? Vanity barcodes. Up until recently barcodes were just a big, bulky necessity that cluttered package designs. However, designers are fighting back! While barcodes are required in order for retailers to sell a product , they do not need to be a tacky after thought when they could be fully integrated into the package design.

While this is a great leap forward for design, don’t expect to the traditional rectangular barcodes to vanish too rapidly.  Vanity barcodes can be very costly to produce and generally require significant testing from GS1, a nonprofit standards organization that issues barcode numbers in the US and other countries and grades final barcodes on how consistently they scan. Scanning functionality has been one of the primary concerns with vanity barcodes, however, several large companies such as Nestle and Bar Naked Granola are gradually introducing the stylish devices with minimal issue.

Time will tell whether vanity barcodes are worth the additional costs, but they certainly provide a cool and effective solution to making the most of limited design space on labels and packages.


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