Social & Personal: Designing With Sophistication

22 Jul

Keeping with the Irish theme this week, I am blogging today about a magazine I picked up at the Airport in Ireland. I was looking for a magazine that was unique to Ireland, and chose the July issue of Social & Personal because the feature article was “Ageless Irish Style.” Social & Personal would probably best equate to Cosmopolitan in the U.S., however in addition to fashion, it features regular articles on news, food & wine, homes, and travel.

Not only is Social & Personal more well rounded in its content than most U.S. fashion focused magazines, but both the design and writing is far more sophisticated and elegant. When paging through this magazine, I was most struck by the fact that I wasn’t bombarded with flashy, overstated photography and design, and I appreciated that despite this, the visual statements still seemed to be just as strong.

Note below how the designers used reserved, yet welcoming images and soft, graceful callout text in these excerpts from the feature article to create a regal and classical feel.

Even the most bold and edgy spread shown below shows some restraint. Even though the model’s out fit is drastic and the colors are shocking, the models pose and expression exhibits class and eloquence developing a well balanced juxtaposition. This is even carried through in the type choices as the header typeface and placement mimics the playfulness of the colors and fashion, while the deck typeface is much more reserved.


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