Weekly Ad-Ventures: Real Simple Edition

25 Jul

It is that time of the week again! The normal routine has suffered some due to my vacation, but I am back into the swing of things..and I’m fairly confident you still know the drill.

For this weeks edition of Ad-Ventures I am featuring ads from the August edition of Real Simple. Here are what I consider to be the 3 most eye-catching ads of the issue:

Vera Bradley Ad; NOTABLE FEATURES: great use of color! I love that the imagery so strongly conveys the message that the "Be Colorful" tag line can be understated and almost an afterthought.

Snackwells Ad; NOTABLE FEATURES: Superb tagline. The concept, photograph, and copy are well integrated and create a juxtaposition with the usual perception of "female dieters." This ad creates product appeal to a broader audience.

Crystal Light Ad; NOTABLE FEATURES: Unique concept, and the picture says it all. There is nice eye-popping and purposeful color here. It truly conveys a feeling of refreshment.

Als0, stay tuned for tomorrow blog post, where I will cover a 4th ad from the August issue of Real Simple in further depth.


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