Chase Blueprint Ad – Creative Concept, Poor Execution

26 Jul


Front of Chase Blueprint ad with interactive flaps closed
Front of Chase Blueprint ad with Interactive flaps open

Back page of Chase Blueprint ad

Chase definately started with an interesting idea for their blueprint credit card. I always applaude unconvential and/or interactive approaches to otherwise ordinary messages. I think that playing off of the traditional perception of a blueprint is clever, and that adding interactive foldable flaps that lead to helpful information as a great way to engage an audience, so why does this ad fall flat?

1.) Dull Visual Appearance: While the color blue obviously fits in with the blueprint concept, the dull shades and faint illustration lines do not help this ad catch reader’s attention while paging through a busy magazine. There is no contrast, and the typography is relatively boring as well. This is something that I would normally flip right past, not even realizing that there was an interactive component (which negates the purpose of the concept).

2.) While the concept is great – it may not be a good fit to the product: This ad was printed double-sided on a single page of the magazine. It is not until a reader turns the page that they actually realize that this is an ad for a Credit Card, and lets be honest, how many readers would still be interested/engaged in this particular ad after turning the page? Better results might be acheived if the two pages appearred side by side as a spread, but in all actuality, this particular concept is likely more fitting for a home improvement organization than a credit card. While the idea to use an intereactive ad is great, perhaps Chase could have interacted with the audience in a different, more appropiate way. There is a clear disconnect between the visual message and the intended verbal message.


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