Weekly Ad-Ventures: Esquire Edition

1 Aug

Ad-Venture Time!! This week I am putting a slight spin on my usual ad coverage. In the spotlight is the August edition of Esquire Magazine, but rather than featuring a range of well designed ads from the issue, I will be reviewing just one.

I felt that the ad below for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was such a standout in Esquire this month that it warranted a dedicated blog post…plus, it is a four page ad which is in and of itself rare.

I find this ad successful because in it’s four pages, it manages to speak to a wide variety of Esquires target audience. At times the ad is flashy and at other points, reserved. At times it is brief, leaving audiences intrigued, yet other pages are information rich. As the reader flips through the pages they get a perfectly crafted message receiving just the right amount of information at the right time.

The first page grabs Esquire’s male oriented audience with a colorful and provocative, yet classy image. The copy playfully reinforces the suggestive imagery stating “life is about balance, like a clean suit and a dirty martini.” Further down the page we see the hotel’s tagline, “Just the right amount of wrong.” Together this all imply that The Cosmopolitan is a classy, refined establishment, yet they now how to get down and dirty. It’s vintage mob boss meets James Bond meets modern day, suave part guy.

Page 2 adequately answers the reader next question, what is The Cosmopolitan? It shows a shot of the hotel and pool, reassuring the reader that the accommodations are as swanky as they inferred from that previous portion of the ad. Page 3 takes this a step further. The message being, not only is The Cosmopolitan swanky luxury hotel, but this is why we are better than the others swanky hotels. They clearly see their differentiation as their extensive range of pools, so this what they highlight, giving ample copy to substantiate this claim.

Lastly, they seal the deal with another, more subdued, full page ad image with a suggestively playful line of copy, “great ideas often start out on cocktail napkins especially if you consider a large vodka martini a great idea.” Again this plays up the traditional or vintage Las Vegas. I just can’t help but picture Sam “Ace” Rothstein leaning up against a bar next to the subject in the ad..barely out of the frame of the picture.

The Cosmopolitan Ad Page 1

The Cosmopolitan Ad Pages 2 & 3

The Cosmopolitan Ad Page 4


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