Trinity College School of Medicine Exhibition Guide

3 Aug

Exhibition Guide - Trinity College School of Medicine

Though I returned from Ireland over 2 weeks ago, I just finished emptying the remnants from my travels out of my suitcase and was reacquanted with this exhibition guide that I picked up in Dublin.

The School of Medicine at Trinity College currently has an exhibit of medical tools, remains, and artifacts in The Long Room above the Book of Kells exhibition (which, by the way, was awesome).

We had not planned on going to the medical exhibit, but we saw an advertisement displaying the same design as the exhibition guide above and decided to give it a go. I hung on to the guide because I think it does a great job at making a very old and historic exhibition seem modern and relevant.

The design displays a very fun, edgy, and eye catching play on an illustration from an 1543 textbook on human anatomy by Andreas Vesalius (shown below). “The book is based on his Paduan lectures, during which he deviated from common practice by dissecting a corpse to illustrate what he was discussing.”

A. Vesalius, De Humani Corporis Fabrici (Basel 1543)


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