Book of Kells Visitor Guide

4 Aug

Book of Kells Visitor Guide Cover

Well, since I mentioned The Book of Kells exhibit yesterday, I thought I might as well share that visitor guide too. Like the School of Medicine, this exhibit is also located in the Trinity College Library in Dublin, but the design for this visitor guide rightfully utilizes a different approach.

The Book of Kells is a manuscript of the four gospels written by Irish monks over 1,000 years ago. It “contains lavishly decorated copy, in Latin.” As you can see, The Book of Kells visitor guide is not used as an attempt to “modernize” the image of the exhibit, but rather preserve the sentiment of its historical significance.  Though the layout of this guide is much more subdued, I think that this allows for the illustrations from The Book of Kells speak for themselves. Primarily using black and gold was a wise choice as this helps to extenuate the golden hues in the images.

While this guide may not be as effective as the medical School of Medicine guide at capturing and drawing in an audience, it is useful and well designed for an audience who has already decided to visit the exhibit. This is most likely intentional, as The Book of Kells exhibit is so well known that it already draws in large crowds simply due to its notoriety, while the School of Medicine exhibit must allure passerbys to comprise a majority of their visitors.

As a final side note, if you have any interest in The Book of Kells or simply in art, check out The Secret of Kells. It is an amazing animated movie about The Book of Kells directed by Tomm Moore and nominated for a 2010 Academy Award. It has some of the most artistic and beautiful modern animation that I have seen in some time.

Book of Kells Visitor Guide


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