Superb Logo Designs Using Negative Space

11 Aug

Negative space can be a designers best friend, particularly when it comes to typography (I had a typography professor who would always refer to this as “active” space which is probably more appropriate, as the goal is in fact to make space active via the absence of a foreground).

Designer Daily has comprised 50 logos that incorporating negative (or active) space to convey a stronger message. I am sharing six selections above, but the full collection is a must see for anyone even slightly interested in logo design or typography. Be sure to look carefully, as some of these are so clever that you might not even catch the images created by negative space at first glance!

Designer Challenge: Buff up your creative thinking skills and start looking for objects or shapes created by the negative space inherent to letters from different typefaces. Sketch a few ideas that help to slightly exaggerate the objects or shapes that you envisioned. Pick your favorite and turn into a logo for a real or factious company for which it might be applicable. Feeling confident? Try redesigning an existing logo to incorporate the use of negative space in a fun and creative way.


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