Weekly Ad-Ventures: The Knot Edition

15 Aug

Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Dress Ad

Okay….really? Disney hawks wedding dresses? When I saw this add in the July issue of The Knot magazine, there was nothing I could do but laugh. As if Disney doesn’t have enough to sell.

But enough about my personal views towards Disney’s business practices, and on to the add itself. The first thing I noticed in The Knot is that all wedding dress ads look the same, and this one does not stray far from the pack. While the look and feel of this ad is not particularly bad, the ad does not do a great job of properly portraying or differentiating the product. Had there not been the faint Disney logo, a reader would have no clue that this was supposed to be a Disney princess dress.

According to the Disney Bridal website the particular dress shown in the ad is the supposed to be that of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It does not particularly look like Belle’s dress for one thing, but also, nothing is the ad is indicative of Belle or Beauty and the Beast either. Perhaps they could of used a more appropriate background setting? Chances are, anyone willing to buy a Disney Princess wedding dress is working towards a themed wedding, so why not play that up in the ad?

Now…is there really a large market for people who want to theme their wedding after a Disney movie, that I do not know. But this goes back to my original point, which was…Disney is hawking wedding dresses? Perhaps, the product concept is the real flaw here…see what The Animation Anomaly has to say about this product.


One Response to “Weekly Ad-Ventures: The Knot Edition”


  1. Disney Deals To Brides!? | The Animation Anomaly - August 15, 2011

    […] Thankfully, my fiancée saw right through the whole thing (she came up with the title of this post) as soon as she saw the ad in the Knot magazine. Head on over to her blog see why she won’t be getting one of these dresses. […]

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