Fun Is a State of Mind

23 Aug

No matter what you job, work can always be boring at times. But when you reach those points where fun isn’t inherent to the work you are doing, the fun is up to you! The key is not to stress. Keep it light and remember not to take work (or yourself) too seriously.

To remind myself that I can control the amount of fun I have at work…I bring toys! Why not? Here are a couple of workplace staples you will find in my cubicle.


Yes! This is a magic eight ball style fortune cookie! It's name is Fred..and like me, he is one smart cookie 🙂

Not only are they fun for me, but visitors always get a kick out of the fun items in my workspace. They increase my number of regular visitors, lightens their mood, and makes the environment more social. Give it a try!


One Response to “Fun Is a State of Mind”

  1. addcoding August 23, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

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