What Intrigued YOU Today?

1 Sep

Creativity is derived from seeing things differently. I am currently in the process of undertaking a week long assignment/challenge to do things differently, in hope that this will allow me to see some things differently. What those things are or will be, I won’t know for another week, that is the fun of this experiment.

So, for the next week, I will wake up a different times, take different routes to work, eat different foods for breakfast, talk to people I have never talked to before, shop at stores I have never shopped at before, change my recreational activities, try different workouts, essentially, I will imagine I am someone else entirely.

So rather than checking my email and surfing the internet this morning before work as I usually do, I began to read a book. A Smile in the Mind by Beryl McAlhone & David Stuart, foreword by Edward de Bono.

Here are just a few excerpts from the foreword that I found intriguing, and that provided me with inspiration to put forth a full effort in my creativity challenge. Perhaps they will inspire you to see something differently, or maybe just to pick up the book?

“The definition of provocation is simple: there may not be a reason for saying something until after it has been said.” – Edward de Bono

“The opposite of traditional logic is not irrational chaos but the more powerful non-linear logic of perception. Only perception gives value to life.” – Edward de Bono

“Most major problems in the world will not be solved by further analysis. They need design.” – Edward de Bono



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