Weekly Ad-Ventures: Martha Stewart Living Edition

19 Sep

This week I picked up Martha Stewart Living for the first time, and while there is plenty of awesome editorial photography with amazing color combos and alignment, I did not find any of the ads particularly breathtaking.

I have chosen to share the following Campbell’s soup ad because I thought the approach was somewhat interesting. The ad introduces a new variety of Campbell’s soup, Harvest Orange Tomato. Being that the Campbell’s brand is so iconic (particularly when it comes to tomato soup), and that they are perceived as traditional, an overly innovative or flashy ad may not have been well received or may have missed their target consumer base. Instead they expressed the “newness” of the product via a subtle juxtaposition with Campbell’s traditional, iconic tomato soup can visual.

Notice how the layout of the ad mimics a Campbell’s tomato soup can. Though this is not a literal replication, the bottom have is white with red text and displays an image of the soup, and the upper half of the page is red(ish), though the red portion is actually an image of tomatoes and Campbell’s soup cans. At first glance, the audience makes an immediate and very strong correlation to the traditional Campbell’s soup image. A split second later, the audience begins to realize, that the image is just slightly off because orange tomatoes are mixed in with the red, slightly altering the image of the iconic soup can.

This change, however subtle, communicates that something is new and different about this soup, but that it shares the quality, taste, and tradition that is so strongly admired in the original Campbell’s Tomato Soup.


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