Explosions, End the Trend!

28 Sep

Enough is enough. Yes, explosions can be exciting, and maybe it is clever or witty to pair an explosion with something we do not normally expect to explode, but the wit and surprise is fully lost when everyone is doing it!

Earlier in the summer Design Fetish and I praised Magnum Ice Cream for their artful ice cream explosions. They had excellent color combination’s going for them, the explosion concept was still relatively fresh at the time, and images made the product seem appetizing and attractive.


While flipping through only 2  issues of Cosmopolitan (August & September) I came across these 3 explosion ads!? None of them are executed as well as the Magnum ads, but regardless, the effect of the concept is lost.  It is no longer unexpected, and we are bored with things “exploding” in our mouth. End the Trend!



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