Weekly Ad-Ventures: Family Circle Edition

29 Aug

This week’s tantalizing ads come from an October issue of Family Circle. It was my first time picking up this particular magazine and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of advertisement present. I found the 4 ads below to be innovative, inspiring, clever, and/or just plain visually appealing.

Visitnc.com Ad

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Ad

Cesar Ad

Downy Simple Pleasures Ad


Friday Fun-Day!

26 Aug

Yes! It is finally Friday…time to wrap up the week. As you do so, check out Design Fetish. It is a blog who’s author, like me, is a mid twenties designer completing her Master’s degree. She recently blogged about some great Magnum Ice Cream ads and website propaganda posters. It is definitely worth a look.



Just for Fun Packaging

25 Aug

It is the week of fun! Of course meaning that the bulk of my actual week has been somewhat less than fun….so I have to take fun when and where I can get it (my blog and an occasional glass of wine). So, in the spirit of both fun, and wine, check out the packaging of Boordy Vineyards “Just for Fun” line of wines.

Bordy Vineyards "Just for Fun" Line

The labels display a contemporary illustrative style with illuminating colors and appealing, active scenes. This is quite a variation from the traditional, uppity wine label and they are indeed fun! The “Just for Fun” line includes fantastic fruity flavors such as Chilled Apple, Tango Peach, Viva Sangria, Jazz Berry, and Spiced Wassail (Peach and Jazz Berry are my personal favorites). The labels are a true representation of the character and vivacious flavor innate in these wines. Capturing the true essence of a product in the package design equates to a victory in my book!

Fun Is a State of Mind

23 Aug

No matter what you job, work can always be boring at times. But when you reach those points where fun isn’t inherent to the work you are doing, the fun is up to you! The key is not to stress. Keep it light and remember not to take work (or yourself) too seriously.

To remind myself that I can control the amount of fun I have at work…I bring toys! Why not? Here are a couple of workplace staples you will find in my cubicle.


Yes! This is a magic eight ball style fortune cookie! It's name is Fred..and like me, he is one smart cookie 🙂

Not only are they fun for me, but visitors always get a kick out of the fun items in my workspace. They increase my number of regular visitors, lightens their mood, and makes the environment more social. Give it a try!

Weekly Ad-Ventures: Fast Company Edition

22 Aug

Fast Company September 2011

Fast Company captures and recants business innovations of all kind. The layout and design of the magazine mimics this idea of modern innovation with bold and unexpected design choices. For the most part, I also found that the ads displayed in the magazine followed this motif, exhibiting unique approaches and highlighting trendy ideals or causes.

Without further adieu, here are what I consider to best ads in the September 2011 issue of Fast Company. I chose these particular ads due to their out of the box approach, eye catching color and image usage, and relevant/appealing attempt at spinning social perceptions, respectively.

Chicago Booth Ad

Owens-Illinois Ad

Citgo Ad

Erni Cabat’s Magical World of Monsters

18 Aug

Erni Cabat's Magical World of Monsters Book Cover (1992)

I stumbled upon this book at a used book store in southwestern NY that was liquidating and purchased it solely due to the uniquness and beauty of the illustrations. All illustrations in the book were painted by  Erni Cabat, and exibit striking and ornate details.

Through his paintings, Cabat is able to bring the mythical creatures featured throughout the book to life. Though there are verbal descriptions and explanations of the creatures and this is not soley a picture book it definately could be. The illustrations, by far, outshine the writing and serve as the primary content in this work. This piece serves as an example that images do not always need to be supplementary or seconday in an informative piece. If the images or illustrations are well thought out, appropriately used, and sufficiently captivating they can serve as the backbone of a composition rather than an complement.

Erni Cabat's Magical World of Monsters, Left Title Page

Erni Cabat's Magical World of Monsters, Right Page

Erni Cabat's Magical World of Monsters; Dragon Illustration


Erni Cabat's Magical World of Monsters; Griffin Illustration


Erni Cabat's Magical World of Monsters; Basilisk Illustration

Featured Designer: Javier Garcia

16 Aug

Javier Garcia is a designer and illustrator based in San Francisco. I was recently referred to his site and I LOVE his style. I would describe Javier’s designs as indie/modern with a retro flare. I appreciate that Javier bases his designs on illustration and really fine tunes his work. Though detailed, his pieces look very clean and bold.

Additionally, Javier’s work shows a great use and management of color. Their is plenty of diversity of color in his portfolio, yet it is always used appropriately and he has great complimentary, but exciting color combinations.

Some examples of his work are below, but definitely check out Javier’s website to see a more comprehensive collection. His work is inspiring!

Wedding Invitation by Javier Garcia

Hail to the King! by Javier Garcia

Factitious Record Cover by Javier Garcia

Work by Javier Garcia


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